D & L Donuts​​



Cake Donuts

Plain cake... also known as the old fashioned.

Chocolate cake donuts either glazed or chocolate or vanilla topped.

Chocolate topped... a cake donut topped with our house made decadent chocolate. 

Coconut topped... cake donut we add shredded coconut to our chocolate topped donut

Glazed...cake donut that we glaze in our house made glaze

Cinnamon Sugared...cake donut coated with an aromatic cinnamon sugar mixture

Powdered Sugar...cake donut covered in powdered sugar

Sprinkle...cake donut topped with our house made mallowvarian white cream then topped with festive or seasonal sprinkles

Peanut...cake donut topped with our white cream then sprinkled with chopped peanuts.

Seasonal cake donuts such as blueberry, pumpkin, apple crisp etc are made on weekends only. Check Facebook for monthly updates or call us!

Often experimenting and having fun in the kitchen, we may have additional flavors that are not listed here. Please call or visit us to find out which seasonal flavors are available.

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Coffee (organic) brewed fresh from coffee beans (Trager Brothers in Afton, Va) ground prior to brewing each pot of coffee!

Milk Horizon Organic white milk or chocolate milk

Bottled water

Orange Juice

Ghirardelli hot chocolate with whipped cream

We use our own recipe with 3 flours in the base

GLAZED  a traditional standard donut coated with our house made glaze. This donut is very light

SUGARED donut covered in a fine sugar

CHOCOLATE topped donut covered with our own in house decadent chocolate icing

ECLAIR, Long-John, Tubulars, Cream sticks (many names for the donut)! Filled with our own house made mallowvarian white cream then topped with our own decadent chocolate icing. **Signature donut**

JELLY filled using a black raspberry jelly then coated in a fine sugar

APPLE filled (taste like Mom's apple pie!) and maple topped

LEMON filled we use a zesty lemon filling then cover the donut in a fine sugar or our house glaze
CINNAMON twists we use an aromatic cinnamon in between the donut layers. We then finish it with our house made glaze.